Setting My Page Opening Times

Setting up your times is important to show visitors when you're open

Your opening times are really important to show to app users whether or not you're open. The times are flexible enough to show the whole year

If you don't have any times, you don't need to worry about this section, if you leave it blank, your times won't appear inside the app at all.

Opening Times

Your opening times will appear here when you've added some - they will appear in chronological order which will be the same in the mobile app.

Opening Times

Adding A Time

To add a new opening time, you can select hit the "Add New" button - the side menu will appear and you can fill out the form. Select the months and days you want your times to apply too.

Fill out your opening time and closing times (in 24 hour format) and you can click save.

Opening Times for Seo Árainn Mhór

Editing The Time

If you want to edit or delete a time:

If you want to delete the time, just click the Delete button.

Editing a Time

Special Times

We also have the special times for your page, these are for days that are different from the normal times (for example: Bank Holidays, Days Off etc) These times will override the normal times in the above table.

Special Times

Add Special Time

You can click the "Add New Special Time" to view the usual sidebar, then complete the form and click save. The opening and closing times should be in 24 hour format here too.

If you want to mark your business as closed, you can select that button and click save instead.

In The App

In the app your times will appear with a calculated time banner to show whether or not you're open.