Adding Prices to My Page

People can find out how much your services / items cost quickly using prices

The prices table lets you share your prices with people right away. It's flexible enough to cater for all types of items, tickets, menu or prices. If the table is empty, you won't see this tab on your page - there's no obligation to add any at all.

Price List

Adding A Price

To add a new price, click the add new button and complete the form in the new panel. The price needs:

Editing or Removing a Price

You can edit or remove a price by selecting the line and either clicking edit or delete.

The edit button will open a new panel which you can use to change the prices. The delete button will delete the item right away.

Type Of Price

We've also included a way of switching the price list type. Simply select what you would like your prices to be known as in the app. You can choose from:

You can add as many prices as you like in this list. Once you click save they'll be immediately available in the app.