Adding Photos To Your Page

The visual way of presenting your page to users - Pictures!

We've given each page the ability to upload photos to the app so that you can show off all the different things you're adding to the community and island.

We recommend adding at least two photos to your page in the basics section but you can continue to add photos in your photo section to create a gallery for app users.

Uploading photos is as simple as any other website. Here are the steps:

  1. Click the "Add New" button
  2. Select the upload icon or button
  3. Complete the caption (this is optional)
  4. Click "Save Photo"

Add New Photo

Your photos will be viewable as a gallery on the main photos page, you can select to view them as a slideshow as well.

Cover Photo or Profile Photo

You can select to change your pages profile or cover photo here too - simply select the button underneath the photo.

Cover Photos or Profile Photos

Deleting a Photo

To delete a photo you can select the delete button and confirm deletion. Please note that once it's deleted - it's gone for good.